The guardian

The italian motorcycle with the most aggressive and powerful lines could not miss in the house of VSpecial. We are talking about the new Ducati XDiavel, named “The Guardian”. At first sight it looks tricky and difficult to modify an extremely unique model, but Valter’s ideas started to flow, turning soon into reality.;
There have been many interventions on the XDiavel, using ecxclusive products designed by VSpecial. Plenty of beautiful details were chosen from the Valter Moto Components product range, among which: the grips with aluminum inserts, brake and clutch lever in ergal 7075, oil filler cap, the front wheel axle sliders, led turn light indicators and titanium license plate holder with led light.Vlter Moto Components ha decided to present a preview of some new products 2018 on the XDioavel Vspecial: titanium frame protections, titanium handlebar ends, footpegs with reflectors and a new front oil tanks CNC totally obtained from a full aluminum block.
Different parts were designed and made by VSpecial, like the handlebar double section in titanium with riser and aluminum made with CNC. The front cover of the light and the rear cover which included a micro camera, were obtained from an aluminum paper, modeled by blacksmith.
VMC made a tensioner in aluminum for the regulation of the high swingarm. The rims were produced by Jonich on which the discs Wave by Braking were fixed.  

A great range of latest products are all the carbon die-cast parts that offer a unique surface effect and it is different from the classic carbon you can find around.
Collaborating with the Carbonvani company, VSpecial  made them create the front fender, the rear fender and the complete tail.
For the lights a multi lamp front light was choosen, at high brightness with the addition of two halogens spotlights, to ensure an excellent night view even at high speeds.

The exhaust outlet in titanium has been modeled by Fresco.
The single-seater was completely redesigned with a technical material.
The special colouring was made and painted by Tecnoart Sersan in Milan.;
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Il nuovo progetto Vspecial,  offre agli amanti della customizzazione, la possibilità di mandare la propria moto sotto le mani di Valter, di suo figlio Luca e dei suoi ottimi collaboratori, per trasformarla in qualcosa di unico, oppure di rendere proprie solo alcune parti che distingueranno il proprio mezzo in ogni occasione!

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